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Saint Louis Haunted Attraction Tips & Tricks

If you're planning on visiting one or more of Saint Louis's haunted attractions this year, then you're truly in for some fun this Halloween Season. To make your haunt experience even better, SaintLouisHauntedHouses.com has put together our Top Tips for Visiting Haunts, which will help you make the most out of the Halloween Season this year.

  • Call Ahead

    A quick call to a haunt ahead of your visit can help ensure you get to enjoy the attraction you're headed to. It's especially important to call ahead if (1) you're visiting a haunt with a large group, (2) children will be a part of your group, and if (3) the haunt you're visiting is located outside. Calling ahead will ensure you'll be able to enjoy the haunt, or save you a trip if they're closed for inclement weather, cannot accommodate large parties, or do not allow children under a certain age.

  • Purchase Tickets Ahead of Time

    If the haunt you plan on visiting offers pre-purchase tickets, then you should try and take advantage! Pre-Purchasing tickets can help you skip the lines, and will ensure you get to enjoy the haunted attraction. Some even offer discounts for buying online!

  • Arrive Early, and Be Prepared for Lines

    Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides, and Haunted Attractions are a ton of fun, and you're not the only one who will be visiting Saint Louis's best haunts this Halloween Season! If you can't purchase your tickets ahead of time, be sure to arrive to the Haunted Attraction early, and be prepared to wait on line to purchase tickets. Even if you've pre-purchased tickets, be prepared to wait - there may be a wait to actually enter the attraction itself after you've purchased your tickets, and made it through the main gate.

  • Visit Your Favorite Haunts Early This Year

    The longer you wait to visit your favorite local haunts, the longer the lines will be. The closer to Halloween we get, the busier local haunts will be. You can avoid some of the lines and waiting by checking out Haunted Attractions that open in late September, and early October!

  • Dress Appropriately For Your Visit

    Whether the haunted attraction you're headed to is indoor or outdoor, you'll want to be sure to dress appropriately. If you're visiting an outdoor haunt, make sure you've checked out the forecast, and be sure to bundle up before heading out. No matter where the haunt is, be sure to wear appropriate shoes - you never know what may lie around the next corner, and you might need to run!

  • Turn Off Your Digital Devices

    Before you enter a haunt, be sure to turn off your cell phone, and any other digital devices you may have. Many local haunts prohibit flash photography, flashlights, and other devices inside of the attraction, so be sure to know the rules beforehand, and be courteous to everyone else attending. There will be plenty of time for selfies after you've gotten a good scare!

  • Relax, Have Fun, But Be Courteous!

    Saint Louis's Haunted Houses were put together to provide big scares, and tons of Halloween fun for locals, and a lot of hard work has been put into these amazing attractions. Please be respectful of the property you're visiting, and do not touch any of the decorations, ghost & ghouls, or any property that belongs to the Haunt, unless explicitly instructed to do so. If you had a bad experience, be sure to find the closest haunt staff member, and let them know the issue you're concerned about.

From all of us here at SaintLouisHauntedHouses.com

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!